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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040918 18/09/2004 Split verdict on the Athens Olympics Bill Jordan 12 World Student Games, Olympic Games
20040918 18/09/2004 'Defector' seeking to build bridges Susan Press 13 Charles Kennedy, Bob Hoyle, Association of Liberal Democrat Co-operators, Alan Duncan
20040918 18/09/2004 SHOP TALK: August a washout: Takeover rumoured: Wal-Mart slows The Guardian, The Times, The Scotsman 13 Sainsbury, British Retail Consortium
20040918 18/09/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 15 Cheaper energy (Texas US), Farm co-op thrives (Cincinnati US)
20040925 25/09/2004 Hepworth to leave Co-op Group Co-op News 1 Co-op food retail, Malcolm Hepworth, Neil Braithwaite
20040925 25/09/2004 Co-op Bank profits hit by rising costs Co-op News 1 Co-operative Financial Services, Co-op Bank, personal lending, Mervyn Pedelty
20040925 25/09/2004 Hero milkman wins top award Co-op News 2 Willie Tucker, Brian Pickering, Co-op milkman, Midlands Co-op, 'Service Excellence' award
20040925 25/09/2004 Syncro growth Co-op News 2 Brian Gallacher, Glasgow Metro Centre, Syncro – Co-operative Group building services
20040925 25/09/2004 Ipswich & Norwich's new store Co-op News 2 Bill Brown, Dereham Road, Ipswich and Norwich Co-op
20040925 25/09/2004 Travelcare buys holiday group Co-op News 3 Travelcare, Medinland, Hello Holidays, Journey's Direct, Sun Choice, Amanda Williams
20040925 25/09/2004 Under pressure Co-op News 3 West Midlands Society, National Blood Testing Week
20040925 25/09/2004 Co-operatives UK launches online directory Co-op News 3 Co-operatives UK, co-op database, Steven Kay
20040925 25/09/2004 Opportunity never better for Movement Anthony Murray 4 Gareth Thomas MP, Co-op Party Bournemouth Conference 2004, Peter Hunt, Primary Care Trusts
20040925 25/09/2004 NEC committed to represent all Anthony Murray 4 Leeds Co-op Party, foundation hospitals, Jeanette Timmins
20040925 25/09/2004 Call to make the BBC a mutual Anthony Murray 4 BBC Charter, Norman Rides, Wessex Co-operative Party Council, Erskine Holmes, Phil Harris
20040925 25/09/2004 Local government should promote mutuality Anthony Murray 4 Co-operative Development Agency (CDA), mutual businesses
20040925 25/09/2004 Party to set up diversity working group Anthony Murray 4 Regional Development Agencies, Surrey & Berkshire Co-op Party, Diversity Working Group, South London Co-op Party, Chris Herries
20040925 25/09/2004 Northern Ireland spokesperson on way Anthony Murray 5 Erskine Holmes, Co-op Party, Northern Ireland, Jeanette Timmins
20040925 25/09/2004 Party seeking single identity Anthony Murray 5 Jeanette Timmins, seperate legal entity, redrafted constitution, Co-op Party, Co-operatives UK,
20040925 25/09/2004 Housing plea Anthony Murray 5 Co-operative Group of MPs, Mutual Home Ownership
20040925 25/09/2004 'Carpetbaggers must be fought' Anthony Murray 5 Len Wardle, demutualisation, Yorkshire & Humberside Co-op Party, Building Societies, Adrian Bailey MP
20040925 25/09/2004 Statute boost for co-ops in Europe Anthony Murray 5 European Co-operative Statute (SCE), Chris Herries, Brussels Voluntary Co-op Party
20040925 25/09/2004 Co-op joins in the festival fun Co-op News 6 Cardiff Mardi Gras festivals, Joan Keysell, Lorraine Barrett AM, Mark Field
20040925 25/09/2004 Social enterprises target conferences Co-op News 6 Social Enterprise Coalition, conferences
20040925 25/09/2004 Mystery shoppers back Travelcare Co-op News 6 Newcastle, Lee Passmoor, Travelcare