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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040828 28/08/2004 POSTBAG: Show we care Ray Manning 11 London Co-operative Society, Co-op Education Committees, Barbara Meeking, Lord Morris of Manchester, Mobility Allowances
20040828 28/08/2004 Simplistic view of Sudanese crisis David Drew MP 11 Dafur, peace-keepers, Khartoum
20040828 28/08/2004 A new look at New Harmony David Lazell 12 'Devastating Eden', Brian Thompson, Robert Owen, Indiana community settlement, 'The Harmonists of Economy', New Moral World, Fr. George Rapp, New Harmony, William Maclure
20040828 28/08/2004 A labour of love for Co-op's Karen Susan Press 13 Co-operative Retail Services (CRS), Co-op history, Karen Froggatt, The Co-operative Group
20040828 28/08/2004 SHOP TALK: Sainsbury's deal: New look popughts back: Finance for windfalllar: Green fi The Guardian, The Scotsman 13 Morrisons, Philip Green, Marks & Spencer, Jackson's convenience stores, Safeway
20040904 04/09/2004 Co-op's summer of good intent Co-op News 1 South East Region (CG), , The Co-operative Group, 'Co-op Cares' scheme
20040904 04/09/2004 Co-op backing for pharmacy move Co-op News 1 in-store pharmacies, The Co-operative Group, Co-operative Pharmacy Association (CPA)
20040904 04/09/2004 Cambridge Festival hosts Co-op Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Central and Eastern Region (CG), Cambridge Folk Festival
20040904 04/09/2004 Employee buy-out research granted Co-op News 2 Co-operative Action, Highways Agency, Thames Gateway Co-operative, Job Ownership Report, Sarah Lees
20040904 04/09/2004 Credit Union Day event Co-op News 2 Sue Davenport, Mary Henderson, South West Chapter, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)
20040904 04/09/2004 Store managers at risk warns Usdaw Co-op News 3 working time regulations, health risks, USDAW
20040904 04/09/2004 FSA to launch salt campaign Co-op News 3 salt and heart disease, , Food Standards Agency (FSA)
20040904 04/09/2004 CTTG survey finds that DIY holidays are second best Co-op News 4 Co-operative Travel Trading Group (CTTG), internet holiday booking
20040904 04/09/2004 Award for Anglia Co-op News 4 Disability Symbol, Anglia Regional Co-operative Society, Jobcentre Plus
20040904 04/09/2004 Key role for Harris Co-op News 4 Elizabeth Harris, Communication Workers Friendly Society (CWFS), Edward Chapman
20040904 04/09/2004 Balls tipped to be Chancelor Co-op News 4 Ed Balls, Normanton
20040904 04/09/2004 Fairtrade donation Co-op News 4 North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, Brampton fair trade directory
20040904 04/09/2004 Eco-friendly praise for new United HQ Co-op News 5 Rochdale Headquarters, United Co-operatives, Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
20040904 04/09/2004 'Bach off!' is the message to yobs Co-op News 5 The Co-operative Group, classical music, late opening stores, gangs of youths, Julia Rogers
20040904 04/09/2004 Conference focus on co-op housing Co-op News 5 The Co-operative Group, RISE (social enterprise), Lucy Findlay, South West Regional Development Agency, Chris Herries, Greg Taylor
20040904 04/09/2004 New union chief Co-op News 5 Paddy Lillis, USDAW
20040904 04/09/2004 We need to create a family-friendly policy Andy Reed 7 quality of life index, Labour Party
20040904 04/09/2004 A bright future for expanding News Jeanette Timmins 7 Co-op Press, Co-op News, readership, availability
20040904 04/09/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Crawley Society, 19th Congress of the ICA, Co-operative 'Handybanks'
20040904 04/09/2004 POSTBAG: Labour must not ignore the unions Bill Jordan 10 trade unions, John Prescott, Labour Government, Lord Graham of Edmonton