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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040626 26/06/2004 New bill tackles domestic violence Linda Gilroy 7 Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Bill
20040626 26/06/2004 OUR VIEW: Europe battle starts now Co-op News 7 referendum on new EU constitution
20040626 26/06/2004 POST BAG: We should do more to tackle obesity Paul Alton 10 Doug Naysmith, junk food, Susan Press, labelling and advertising
20040626 26/06/2004 POST BAG: Nodding donkey directors are to blame for our decline Ray Henderson 10 culture of mediocrity, Keith Darwin, Co-op Group Board, Hugh Bridge
20040626 26/06/2004 POST BAG: Iraqis are the victims George Marsh 10 Iraq, US and British bombers and tanks, Mike Gapes MP, illegal occupation army
20040626 26/06/2004 POST BAG: Nauseating piffle typical of Labour John Merrett Bloom 10 New Labour, Mike Gapes MP
20040626 26/06/2004 Welsh workers’ co-op fuelled by greener diesel Anthony Murray 11 Sundance Workers Co-operative, New Ventures Panel, Jan Cliffe, biodiesel, Sustainability Working Group (Co-operatives UK)
20040626 26/06/2004 Changing climate driving delta-T Kevin McGrother 12 Delta-T Devices, Cambridge Co-operative Development Agency, Co-operative Congress (2004), Peter Cockerton
20040626 26/06/2004 SHOP TALK: M&S blueprint: Morrisons strike?: Headhunter attacks: Bouncing back The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman 12 Lifestore, Whitehead Mann, Stuart Rose, Scottish Retail Consortium
20040626 26/06/2004 Louise confident of Labour triumph Susan Press 13 Louise Baldock, Kirklees, Labour Party NEC
20040626 26/06/2004 Cream of the crop! Co-op News 14 Co-op Milkman of the year (2004), Midlands Co-op Dairies, David Lomas
20040626 26/06/2004 THE WAY WE WERE 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 14 Agricultural Organisation Society, CWS transport group
20040703 03/07/2004 It’s the Co-op Banks! Co-op News 1 United Funeral Group uniforms, Gordon Banks
20040703 03/07/2004 C-store violence on the increase Co-op News 1 physical assaults against retail staff, Martin Beaumont
20040703 03/07/2004 Scotmid snap up 13 Spa stores Co-op News 1 Colin Bird, Spar stores, Scotmid
20040703 03/07/2004 CDFA conference the biggest yet Co-op News 2 Belfast, Community Development Finance Association (CDFA), Bernie Morgan, Erskine Holmes
20040703 03/07/2004 Spreading the co-op ethos in Cornwall Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Royal Cornwall Show
20040703 03/07/2004 Farmcare’s advice service Co-op News 2 Farmcare, David Gardner, Agrovista UK
20040703 03/07/2004 Designer outfits for United staff Co-op News 3 United Co-operatives funeral staff, uniforms
20040703 03/07/2004 Co-op Group gets Head of Diversity Co-op News 3 diversity, Amanda Jones, demographics
20040703 03/07/2004 Two top industry awards for Travelcare Co-op News 4 Travelcare
20040703 03/07/2004 Co-op Action loans now more accessible Co-op News 4 Industrial Common Ownership Finance Ltd (ICOF), Co-operative Action
20040703 03/07/2004 Co-op school plan goes to committee Co-op News 4 Lowick and Blaywith Educational Trust, Co-op College, Mervyn Wilson
20040703 03/07/2004 Care home seminar a success Co-op News 4 West Midlands Co-op’s care homes, Co-operative Action, Co-operatives UK Provide project, Helen Seymour
20040703 03/07/2004 New Look Store Co-op News 4 Hillmorton, Heart of England Co-op