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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4053 25/03/1997 Managers given sneak preview of Divi scheme Co-op News 8 Iain Macleod, Danny Murray, Ken MacKenzie, Scottish co-op
4053 25/03/1997 Music to pupils ears Co-op News 8 Music for schools
4053 25/03/1997 Woman's funeral team bury Street stars in needle match Co-op News 8 Coronation Street
4053 25/03/1997 Building societies, tax havens, and the UK's missing millions Co-op News 9 Hiding the profits, Co-op Bank, Building Societies, Ethical Consumer Magazine, Paul Ellis
4053 25/03/1997 Learning the Co-op way Co-op News 9 GNVQ teaching aid, Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, Insight into Co-op Business Practice, teachers
4053 25/03/1997 Prize Cut Co-op News 9 United Norwest, Institute of meat
4053 25/03/1997 School's Easter treat Co-op News 9 Malcolm Sutcliffe, refurbishment, Priory Garage
4053 25/03/1997 Society given green light for £2.5m plan Co-op News 9 Co-op buildings, shopping, Ossett, housing, Yorkshire Co-operatives, demolish
4053 25/03/1997 Woodcraft in Jamaica Co-op News 9 Kingston, London
4053 25/03/1997 Cadets set sail to land service award Co-op News 11 North eastern co-op
4053 25/03/1997 Danish co-operators visit CRS HQ by special request Co-op News 11 Rochdale Headquarters, Toad Lane, Sandbrook Park, CRS
4053 25/03/1997 Eight fingered salute from fish fanatic Co-op News 11 cooking skills
4053 25/03/1997 Children celebrate St David's day in style Co-op News 12 Lampeter, Co-operative partner, traditional welsh costume
4053 25/03/1997 Victory at last in battle of Richmond: planners give go-ahead for 8.7m store Co-op News 12 Neil Arnold, North yorkshire County Council, landscaping, Planning
4053 25/03/1997 Woodcraft Folk beats Foreign Office in High Court Challenge Co-op News 12 Refused visas, educational convention, delegates, Stanford Hall, Algerian youth
4058 29/04/1997 Torpedoed! CWS scuppers hostile bid. Regan and Green to face criminal charges. High Court rules in Co-op's favour. Hambros 'unreserved apology' (article incomplete) Co-op News 1 Graham Melmoth, Allan Green, Galileo Group, David Chambers, Alan Prescott, Len Fyfe
4058 29/04/1997 United we stand Co-op News 1 Tony Henry, Len Fyfe, Keith Darwin, support from co-op societies, Andrew Regan
4058 29/04/1997 Cumbria's historic conversion Co-op News 2 Kirkby Stephen, Dalton, historic building, English Heritage, superstore
4058 29/04/1997 LETTERS: Andrew Regan – a symbol we all oppose Alan Judd 2 Graham Melmoth, CWS, Rochdale Principles, Labour Party, Regan, Co-operative Act, LETTER
4058 29/04/1997 LETTERS: Takeover bid is no surprise F. H. Brown 2 LETTER, stewardship, predators
4058 29/04/1997 May Gardening Alan Cliff 2 hardy perennial plants
4058 29/04/1997 Pioneer Heritage Co-op News 2 arts and heritage, Rochdale Pioneers
4058 29/04/1997 Pupils learn the co-op way Co-op News 2 Wrekenton School, North eastern co-op, superstore
4058 29/04/1997 Colchester store opens after a major refit Co-op News 8 department store, Dovercourt
4058 29/04/1997 Co-op funds fostering campaign Co-op News 11 Foster Care Association, upgrading supermarket, Cumbrian co-op, Haltwhistle