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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4052 18/03/1997 Have you got £8bn Mr Regan? Co-op News 1 membership, CWS, Galileo, shares, CRS, Carpetbaggers, Andrew Regan, Co-op Bank, Lanica Trust, hostile bid
4052 18/03/1997 LETTERS: Time for Movement to stop going in circles R.D. Hammond 2 acquisitions, CWS, superstores, Lo-Cost, CRS, Kwik Save, LETTER
4052 18/03/1997 LETTERS: 'Small is Beautiful' Graham Guest 2 ethical stance, CWS, 'Your Society' magazine, CRS, Dover Society, Co-op Bank, LETTER
4052 18/03/1997 LETTERS: Britain's future lies in Europe Pauline Green MEP 2 Margaret Toch, European Union, 'politics of hate', LETTER, racism, Stephen Lawrence
4052 18/03/1997 LETTERS: Urgent action needed to raise food standards Hilda & David Smith 2 LETTER, Food Standards Agency (FSA), Department of Health, National Food Agency
4052 18/03/1997 LETTERS: Victorian rip-off Laurie Loughlin 2 Tory, national minimum wage, LETTER, GMB Union
4052 18/03/1997 OBITUARY: Ossie O'Brien: co-operator and former MP Co-op News 2 MP for Darlington
4052 18/03/1997 OBITUARY: Sidney Harling Kennard Co-op News 2 Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society, Sidney Harling Kennard
4052 18/03/1997 Bank comes top in ethical survey Co-op News 3 Co-op Bank, Ethical Consumer Magazine
4052 18/03/1997 CRS appoints new non-food chief Co-op News 3 Rochdale, Geoff Harper
4052 18/03/1997 POLITICAL NOTEBOOK Alun Michael MP 3 ideals of Co-op Movement, Andy Reed MP, Andy Love MP, Linda Gilroy MP, Labour Party policy, Angela Smith MP
4052 18/03/1997 Society honours John Knox Co-op News 3 North Tayside & Strathaven Society, John Knox
4052 18/03/1997 Workers opt for co-op gift vouchers Co-op News 3 co-op gift vouchers, Plymouth & South Devon Society
4052 18/03/1997 Shopped at last: the sad closure of what could be the the Movement's smallest (but well loved ) store David Lazell 4 Co-op College, Stanford Hall, Modernisation
4052 18/03/1997 Spud Alert: Euro-blight threatens to mash our crops: the threat the European Union poses to our beloved potato Vic Thomas 4 eco-systems, Common Agricultural Policy, Irish Potato famine (1845-7), unsustainable practices, Henry Doubleday Research Association
4052 18/03/1997 CO-OPERATIVE BANK IN FOCUS: Serving our natural partners Co-op News 9 Inclusive partnership, Fabian Society, purpose beyond profit, Terry Thomas
4052 18/03/1997 Double delight for Pioneer stores Co-op News 9 Sandwich & StapleHill, CRS Directors, Richard Branton, CRS, Peter Bagley
4052 18/03/1997 New look for lady Lord Mayor Co-op News 9 Birmingham, Marion Arnott-Job, life long co-operator
4052 18/03/1997 Co-operative Union Elections 1997 announcement 10 candidates
4052 18/03/1997 Paint your community Co-op News 11 East Durham, North eastern co-op, Horden, Community decorators, community support
4052 18/03/1997 Richard's prize beat Co-op News 11 drummer, Haltwhistle, Richard Jackson
4052 18/03/1997 School's consuming success Co-op News 11 Plymco, Devonport High school for Boys
4052 18/03/1997 Step in right direction Co-op News 11 Stepping Stones project, Cumbrian co-op, community volunteers
4052 18/03/1997 Typical customer Co-op News 11 Co-op customer
4052 18/03/1997 Co-operator heading to East Anglia Co-op News 12 CWS, co-operative education, John Merrett Bloom, Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, Labour Party