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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4065 17/06/1997 Call to form National Co-op Housing Forum Co-op News 12 Labour Government, National Co-op Housing Forum, United Kingdom Co-operative Council
4065 17/06/1997 Honour for bank chief Co-op News 12 Queen's birthday honours, Co-operative Bank, Terry Thomas
4065 17/06/1997 Melmoth to address UKCC conference Co-op News 12 UK Co-operative Council, CWS, “co-operation in action, Graham Melmoth
4065 17/06/1997 Wishing him well Co-op News 12 Co-op Union Central Executive, David Allonby
4067 01/07/1997 CPS takes over Lancia prosecution Co-op News 1 Allan Green, CWS, Lanica, Crown Prosecution Service, Andrew Regan, David Lyons
4067 01/07/1997 Driving into the big league Co-op News 1 Graham Melmoth, CWS, Priory Motor Group, North eastern co-op, Neil ArnoldGateshead
4067 01/07/1997 Superstore wins big design award Co-op News 1 Abbey co-op superstore Hexham, Royal Institute of British Architects
4067 01/07/1997 LETTERS: Germans stole our National Anthem Henry Toch 2 Germany, National Anthem, LETTER, Eric Woolsey
4067 01/07/1997 LETTERS: Co-op Bill needed without delay David Elms 2 Co-operative Party, co-operatives Act, LETTER, Parliament
4067 01/07/1997 LETTERS: Vicky Ryan: a socialist fighter for all her life Doris Thomas 2 LETTER, co-operator, Vicky Ryan, socialist
4067 01/07/1997 LETTERS: Single Currency will lead to German domination H. Lloyd Jones 2 European Monatery Union (EMU), Single Currency
4067 01/07/1997 OBITUARY: Tom Scones – Ashford Co-operative Society and CWS South East Co-op News 2 actor, Tom Scones, What's On – Ashford Federation of the Arts, Ashford, Ashford Adult education Centre
4067 01/07/1997 POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Time to budget for a new era Peter Clarke 2 Legal Working Party of the UKCC, Co-operatives Bill, Denis Carter, Peter Clarke (National Secretary Co-op Party), Co-operative Deposit Protection scheme
4067 01/07/1997 Boom time for worker co-ops Co-op News 3 Worker co-ops, Durham Co-operative Development Agency, Dave Parker, European Commission
4067 01/07/1997 Budding rugby star prepares to take on the Aussies Co-op News 3 rugby, Andrew Rigby, Cumbrian co-op, Ulverston
4067 01/07/1997 NEWS IN BREIF: Pioneers museum stages Japanese art show Co-op News 3 Diawa Foundation, Rochdale Pioneers Museum, Japanese art
4067 01/07/1997 NEWS IN BREIF: CWS invests £1/4 m in new funeral homes. Pioneers museum stages Japanese art show Co-op News 3 Nottingham , CWS Funeral Services
4067 01/07/1997 South African co-op in champaign scandal Co-op News 3 defrauding champaign drinkers, South African wine co-op
4067 01/07/1997 Video to promote cultural understanding Co-op News 3 Barbados, Vision Network, Nick Spollin, Tanzania, Avon Co-operative Development Agency, Malcolm Clare, Cultural tolerance, United Kingdom
4067 01/07/1997 Confidently facing the future Monica Cafferky Co-op News reporter) 4 Roy Carrington, CRS, Resale Price Maintainance (RPM), National Co-operative Chemists, Anglia Regional Co-operative Society, CWS
4067 01/07/1997 Chronicles of life within a page Elaine Dean 5 books, reading, literacy, videos
4067 01/07/1997 WESTMINSTER FOCUS: MAIDEN SPEECHES AND TOURISM DEBATE Euro help vital for inner city development. British countryside needs more protection. Tourism deserves a Ministry Co-op News 6 unemployment. , Louise Ellman MP, European assistance, Lords debate on tourism, Lord Graham of Edmonton, Farming practices, David Lepper MP
4067 01/07/1997 Can Blair set the new Tory agenda? Eddie McDonnell 9 politics, Tory Party, Labour Party
4067 01/07/1997 Henrietta lays a place in history Betty Robinson 9 egg laying trials, NACE United (premier league)
4067 01/07/1997 Government funds bone research Co-op News 10 healthy diet, brittle bones, Food Safety Minister Jeff Rooker