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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4052 18/03/1997 Green light for merger Co-op News 12 North Tayside & Strathaven Society, Kilwinning Society, George Simpson
4052 18/03/1997 Labour unveils 'speedy' route to justice Co-op News 12 Alun Michael MP, community crime and nuisance
4052 18/03/1997 Staff at risk from violence at work Co-op News 12 Crimewatch UK, Victim support, British crime survey 1981-91
4053 25/03/1997 CWS calls Lanica's Bluff: Regan's shares face the drop Co-op News 1 asset-strippers, Lanica Trust, Andrew Regan, CWS, Galileo, CRS
4053 25/03/1997 Workers in line for a 3per cent pay rise Co-op News 1 Frank Dugdale, Co-operative Employers Association
4053 25/03/1997 LETTERS: Challenging Mission for Stanford Hall Des Halestrap 2 weekend courses, correspondence courses, Ken Purchase MP, LETTER
4053 25/03/1997 LETTERS: Forefathers has the right ideas Colin Richell 2 LETTER, CWS manufacturing
4053 25/03/1997 LETTERS: Shops have outlived their use Burt Cross 2 LETTER, social purpose, credit unions
4053 25/03/1997 OBITUARY: John Knox CBE – doyen of Scottish Co-op presidents Co-op News 2 Labour Party, Transport & General Workers Union, North Angus Society
4053 25/03/1997 POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Time running out for feudal lords Wendy Nichol 2 Westminster, House of Lords reform
4053 25/03/1997 'The man who rescued Leeds Co-op' Co-op News 3 Edwin Atkinson
4053 25/03/1997 College Organ Co-op News 3 Co-op College, Cinema Organ Society, Wurlitzer, Stanford Hall
4053 25/03/1997 Eco-funerals Co-op News 3 Plymouth & South Devon Society
4053 25/03/1997 Education Challenge Co-op News 3 Co-op Party, Jim Lee
4053 25/03/1997 Job Appeal Co-op News 3 Co-op Pioneer Store, Pewsey, Wiltshire
4053 25/03/1997 Party set for May day coup Co-op News 3 USDAW, General Election, Garfield Davies, Co-op Party
4053 25/03/1997 Scotland welcomes the return of an old favourite: Divi days are here again Co-op News 3 technology, membership card, community dividend
4053 25/03/1997 COMMENT: Protecting the unconverted Co-op News 4 predators, legislation, Building Societies, Lanica, Regan, Labour Party
4053 25/03/1997 Scotland's Shadow Parliament Jim Craigen 4 Scottish TUC, parliamentary devolution, Independent Labour Party ILP, Keir Hardie
4053 25/03/1997 CWS Election of directors Co-op News 6 CWS Board, candidates
4053 25/03/1997 Boycott Burma plea Co-op News 8 Forced labour, Burma action Group
4053 25/03/1997 Corporate Launch Co-op News 8 Corporate Watch
4053 25/03/1997 Curtain goes up on dramatic donation Co-op News 8 Theatre company, Croydon, Exit Stage Left, South Norwood
4053 25/03/1997 Ethical credentials Co-op News 8 Cafe direct, Fairtrade coffee
4053 25/03/1997 Fond Farewells to Co-op Staff Co-op News 8 Derek Allsop, Co-op Press